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Canine Nanny is an insured, family owned and operated pet service based in Parker, Colorado. We are devoted to the personal care of your pets. We will work with you to provide your animals with the care they need. Because Canine Nanny is a family business, the same people will be visiting your pets and will get to know them.
Pets cared forů.
Small Animals
Fresh Water
Sorry no livestock

Why choose us...

Each family is different and each pet has different needs so we will customize our care for you. If you provide special food for your pets, we will feed it to them. We will feed raw, homemade or commercial and will give the vitamins, supplements, and medications you provide. Special needs will be decided on an individual basis. We will work with all reasonable requests to keep your pets healthy and happy.

If you own an aquarium, we will feed the fish/coral, add supplements and test water. Sorry we do not do water changes or clean aquariums. We can provide reliable references.
Preferred Service Area In The Parker, Colorado Area
The Pinery
Pinery Glen
Misty Pines
High Prairie Farms
Hidden Village
Robinson Ranch
Stroh Ranch
Outside this area will be subject to additional mileage fees.


Pet Sitting-we will provide loving care for your pets while you are away. We will feed and water your pets, take your dogs out for exercise, clean litter boxes, and give your pets love and attention. Special needs decided on an individual basis. Dogs without access to bathroom area are required to have three visits a day.

House Checks-If you are traveling and do not need pet care, we will check on your house, pick-up mail and paper, open curtains, water inside and outdoor plants plus other service specific to your needs.

Mid-day visit-For those dogs who need to be let out or exercised mid-day. This is a great service for puppies or dogs whose owners work long hours.

Dog walking-Do you need someone to take the dog for a walk? Ask about this service.

We charge by the time we spend with your pets, more pets may require longer visits.
General Fees
$14-15 minute visit
$16-30 minute visit
$20-45 minute visit
Fees are subject to change. Jobs outside of the preferred service area subject to extra mileage fees.

A free Meet and Greet visit will be required before service starts.

Dog training is also available.

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