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My name is Cathi Wester and I have been training dogs since 2002. I currently own four dogs which I train in obedience, agility, disc, therapy work, tricks and other fun activities.

I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a CGC evaluator. I train dogs using positive reinforcement, meaning rewarding the dog's good behavior. I believe that most of the training we do can be accomplished by reward based training. Normal dog behavior that we don't like can usually be addressed by redirecting the dog, training an alternate behavior, ignoring the dog, or preventing the behavior. My preferred training methods is clicker training as I have found it to be very effective and fun.

My goal is to help owners and their dogs form a strong relationship. I want to help the owner reach their goals for the dog. I hope that I can show people how to communicate with their dog and help keep dogs in their homes.

I offer both private training and group classes.

Classes Offered

Upcoming Class Schedule

I teach dog obedience classes at the Parker Recreation Center. Parker Rec offers Basic Dog Obedience, Puppy Kindergarten, Coming When Called, Good Manners in Public Including Polite Walking, Intermediate, and CGC Prep.

I also teach dog obedience classes at City of Aurora Recreation. I teach Beginning Obedience. I have also developed a class for Fearful Dogs. This is a class to help owners of fearful dogs teach their dogs to be more comfortable in the world. The focus is on confidence building and desensitization/counter-conditioning.

I am now working with Andrea at the Pawsch Puppy in Castle Rock: (720)353-4260 http://thepawschpuppy.net. I will be offering free Ask the Trainer type of classes and semi-private classes. I hope to offer a wide variety of these classes.

I am a co-leader for the Dog Scouts of America Troop 184. This is an organization to promote responsible dog ownership and the human/canine bond. Like boy scouts or girl scouts, dog scouts recognizes merit and have over sixty badges scouts can earn. It is a lot of fun and a great organization to be involved with. For more information please visit www.dogscouts.com. Our troop has a yahoo group coloradodogscouts and a website http://www.coloradodogscouts.org.

I have been a volunteer at the Dumb Friends League since 2001. I have worked in the Head Start program at the League training dogs in the shelter. I have taught many obedience classes while at the League and at the Buddy Center. In addition to running the Puppy Preschool at the Buddy Center, I have taught or helped teach Family Dog I, Petite Pooches (for small dogs), Elementary Puppy (adolescent puppies), Tricks are Fun and Shy Dog. I was also involved with a Reactive Dog program.

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